Next Steps for Thailand… following H.M. The King Bhumibol’s Teachings

A message from Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand.

I hear Thailand crying
Crying from the loss of their Soul.
I hear Thailand mourning
Mourning of the loss of their united Goal.

King of Kings
Bhumibol…Power of the Land
Has been more than King of people
But King of Hearts of all.

His 70 years of hard work
To bring up our Country and develop our Land
No one knows every inch of our Country soil than Him
He had travelled much to learn with great care.

He had developed every corner of the country
To help the less fortunate to stand on their feet
To bring Honour and Joy to their life
To make People feel proud of being Thai.

H.M. The King’s Great Teaching
“Sufficency Economy” has been embedded in our spirit
How to grow with Sustainability
Everyone must take duty to take care of
Business, Environment and Community
With Integrity and Life Long Learning.

We….the Thai Citizens of King Bhumibol
Have pledged to carry on H.M. Teachings to live and care for others
To stand on our feet and walk with neighbouring friends
Uphold Thainess and our Spirit of “Friendship” and “Region Unity”
Leaving no one behind to go stronger together
Grow our Nation by our hands, heads and hearts to attain Sustainability.

Following Our Father’s Footsteps.

Thai countryside credit: Warren Field

(Photo credit: Warren Field)

2 thoughts on “Next Steps for Thailand… following H.M. The King Bhumibol’s Teachings

  1. Would you please pass this message to :
    Minister of tourism and sport

    Dear Sir
    My great uncle RENE SHERIDAN, docent of all the foreign advisers of King RAMA V (King CHULALONGKORN)
    Pass away nearly 90 years ago in Bangkok (Siam at that time)
    Born in Bruges, belgium on 22th febrary 1873, he was doctor of laws
    Deceased in bkk on 7 september 1928, René was still on duty for your country when he pass away, he starts his career in Siam as a judge and become rapidly legal adviser to the court of
    Foreign causes.

    In fact, René finished the work of Rolin JACQUEMYNS, (this gentleman works in Siam from 1892 to 1901) keeping the country’s neutrality and freedom

    For family purposes could you help me to find more informations about René SHERIDAN
    Thank you very much
    Please accept my repectuosly regards
    Michel Seeger sheridan

    • Hello Michel, your message has been passed on to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Sydney Office. Can you please provide an email address for their response?

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