ANZAC Day in Thailand: Explore TV’s tribute

ANZAC Day Thailand… the team at Explore TV visit the memorials to those ANZACs who lost their lives on Thai soil constructing the Thai Burma Railway. Here are their video guides to the war memorials of Kanchanaburi and the Hellfire Pass.

Chung Kai War Cemetery

Just outside of Kanchanaburi you’ll find Chung Kai. Now this is a really special place, a significant part of World War II. Today it’s a peaceful cemetery and a really beautiful place to come and learn about War history. read more

Kanchanaburi War Museum

The Kanchanaburi War Cemetery is the main POW cemetery for those that lost their lives constructing the Thai Burma Railway. Today we take a visit. read more

River Kwai

The journey continues as the team head to Kanchanaburi, about a 2-hour drive from Bangkok. This town is home to what is undoubtedly the most infamous part of the railway. read more

Sir Edward Dunlop

The journey continues another museum, this one dedicated to Sir Edward Weary Dunlop. Colonel Dunlop was an Australian surgeon who was renowned for his leadership whilst being held prisoner by the Japanese during WWII. read more

Tham Krasae Station

Kanchanaburi is an important place for all Australian’s to visit. It’s a place where Australian and allied prisoners of War made enormous sacrifices and underwent unfathomable suffering to build a railway that should never have been possible to build. read more

Hellfire Pass pt 1

Today the crew are headed south along the Thai Burma Railway to the first stop on the journey, Hellfire Pass. Here the prisoners of War were made to cut their way through the hillside and jungle, an extremely dangerous and difficult task, as they had to do it all by hand. read more

Hellfire Pass pt 2

To finish our journey in Thailand the crew head back to Hellfire Pass for a very special dawn service. The ANZAC Day service at Hellfire Pass is considered to be one of the most important and memorable for Australians in the World today. read more

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