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Koh Phayam – still like Koh Samui in the 70s?

Travel writer Ian Neubauer revisits and old love, Koh Phayam, and discovers while quite a lot has changed over ten years, it’s original charm remains. 

Ten years have passed since I first encountered Koh Phayam. After seeing it described in a brochure I found lying on a table in a cafe in Bangkok’s Khaosan Road as “Like Koh Samui in the ’70s,” I bought a ticket to go. And stayed for six months. This small kangaroo-shaped island on Thailand’s Andaman Coast attracted me not for what it had – the real lure was what it came without.

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Fascinating Sukhothai

Travel writer Julie Miller explore the World Heritage-listed ancient sites of Sukhothai in Central Thailand.

When it comes to historical monuments, Thailand isn’t the first country that comes to mind – Cambodia, perhaps, or maybe Egypt win those honours. But Thailand has two major ancient sites, both World Heritage-listed and well worth the effort of exploring if you are at all interested in history, architecture and culture.

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7 ways to explore Krabi’s greener side

Travel writer and blogger Deborah Dickson-Smith, of Where To Next, takes a diversion from Krabi’s white sandy beaches to explore Krabi’s eco-tourism options.

We all know Krabi for it’s beautiful beaches and coral reefs, but if you’re looking for something greener, here are seven ways to explore Krabi’s greener side. Read More

Ratchaprasong – tourists say it will not affect their travel plans.

Thai News Agency interviewed several international visitors to Bangkok and asked them if the incident at Ratchaprasong had affected their future travel plans to Thailand. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with most visitors saying their love for Thailand and the Thai people was stronger than any fear an incident like this might create.


From Hua Hin to Bangkok with Not Quite Nigella

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Bangkok: Australians should continue to go to Thailand.

From The Guardian…
Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses parliament on Tuesday to express condolences for those killed and injured by the Erawan shrine bombing in Bangkok on Monday night. He confirms no Australian citizens are reported dead or missing, but police assistance has been offered. He said citizens should continue to travel to Thailand, as the object of such acts is to ‘scare us from being ourselves’

This article and video was first published in The Guardian.


Rai Saeng Arun, a Mekong surprise

Travel writer Julie Miller revisits the north of Thailand, the infamous Golden Triangle, and finds a wonderful new boutique property; Rai Saeng Arun.

For most tourists visiting the north of Thailand, their journey starts and ends in the fascinating city of Chiang Mai. Venture a little further, however, and a whole new world opens up: one offering rich cultural experiences, beautiful scenery and an alluring, tranquil pace. Read More


Resort Review: Club Med Phuket

Travel blogger Holly O’Sullivan recently had a chance to write us a resort review on Club Med Phuket, which is located right on the beach in Kata Bay.

Built in the style of traditional Longhouses, Phuket’s Club Med resort is a bit of a crowd-pleaser. Surrounded by luscious greenery and with a selection of pools to choose from, Club Med suits any type of holiday, whether that’s intergenerational families or honeymooners. Read More