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Celebrate Loi Krathong all over Thailand!

Loi Krathong, one of the most vibrant and stunning festivals in Thailand is just around the corner. Here’s a guide to where to celebrate Loi Krathing all over Thailand and even in Sydney, Australia.

On the 25th November, people all over Thailand will float their Krathong (small floating vessels made from banana leafs) down a river or pond to pay respect to the Lord Buddha and seek forgiveness from the goddess of water for any misdeeds against her.

And last Saturday, Sydneysiders joined in the celebrations as the Parramatta River foreshore came to life with light, colour and energy. Read More


Koh Kret, Thailand’s unknown island

Koh Kret is a hidden gem that many international guests will not have heard of, although it is in fact the closest island to Bangkok. Travel writer Gary Walsh went exploring there recently.

Koh Kret is by no means your typical Thai island. There are no beaches, no elephant rides, no nightclub areas, and no full moon parties. And unlike Phuket or Koh Samui there’s no instant name recognition. So where is Koh Kret?

Read More


Historic 137 Pillars House, Chiang Mai

Travel writer Julie Miller visits a hotel in Chiang Mai that has raised the bar in boutique luxury.

In the days of King Rama V, the status of a homeowner was measured by the number of ornate columns found in his house. The elegant teak building that forms the centrepiece of Chiang Mai’s most luxurious boutique hotel features 137 pillars – hence its unusual name, 137 Pillars House. Read More


Spice I Am: a taste of Ratchaburi in downtown Sydney

Sydney-based travel blogger Deborah Dickson-Smith didn’t have to travel far to taste some truly authentic Thai food in Sydney. Sujet Saenkham’s Spice I Am restaurants can now be found in 5 Sydney locations.

Sujet Saenkham’s first restaurant, Spice I Am on Darlinghurst Rd opened in 2004 and this remains ‘home-base’ for Sujet, although he now owns five restaurants and spends his time floating between them. Read More


5 of the best: stylish hotels in Bangkok

Travel writer Julie Miller looks at five stylish hotels in Bangkok where the design is far from ordinary. 

Bangkok is a stylish city; its residents dress smartly, are concerned with their appearance, and love to be seen in fashionable and trend-setting restaurants and bars.

For travellers who care about aesthetics and design, there are some fabulous hotels to stay in which won’t necessarily break the budget. Here are some of my favourites: Read More


TBEX hits Thailand

More than 600 bloggers are expected to attend the Travel Blog Exchange Asia (TBEX Asia) this week.

TBEX was first held in 2008 and has been organised annually in Europe and the United States. As attendance has grown significantly, the organisers decided to venture into Asia in recognition of the immense market potential and high growth in visitor arrivals. Read More